Politics and Philosophy


I think most people would agree that capitalism as it exists today is not okay. It is harming the enviroment, trending towards monopolies, and reducing the quality of life for billions. I can't believe some people still defend it. Like, some people say capitalism maximizes freedom, I'm sorry but that's bullshit, you have people born with greater power and authority than others that use it to opress other people, how is that liberating?


Some of the protests have taken a malignant turn and are moving to completely abolish the police department, others want lower police budgets which I agree with If there are no police, legitimate criminals like robbers and such would take advantage, then the people would have to defend themselves, guess what that means? Lots of guns in the hands of the public, I think it could work, but I believe such a dramatic change at the moment would be shortsighted, it's also risky as hell. Also Charles Booker for Kentucky. I have much hope in him, he speaks with love, not hatred. Which is very much what this country needs right now.


I've wanted to do a blog post about the protests. I just don't want to sound cliche, at first I thought it was a novelty seeing the national gaurd and cops beat up journalists and shoot people with rubber bullets, I thought that by exposing the violent and brutish behavior of some cops, things would get better. But now it hasn't changed and it's almost been a month (I think). This has gone from being a battle to a nightmare.

I've heard about stuff like this happening in places like hong kong and in America's past, but I never thought I would see such totalitarian behavior in Modern America. It's disgusting. Such a twisted distortion of what the police are here for, "to protect and serve". If they really gave a shit about that they would protect the protesters first amendment right and intervene when buisnesses were in danger of being looted or people were getting hurt. This, this is just the behavior of brutes. It has to stop.


I want to amend my last statement about centralism being the best. I think anarcho-centrism isn't practical. And even more, I think anarcho-capitalism is extremely foolish. anarcho capitalists and libertarian capitalists talk about how once companies have to compete for workers working conditions will improve, but with automation. Workers are no longer neccesary.

To clarify, I'm not a communist. That's totalitarian and it assumes people will act in good faith and if they don't act in faith of the state they are sent to the gulag.

Communist or Fascist, totalitarianism is bad.

Capitalism nurtures innovation and more advanced tech, but we really need to figure out how to wisely use the tech we have already before we make more powerful tech. Look how the strength of our weapons of war has surpassed our ability to use them wisely.

To wrap things up, the left offers ethics with little economic and technological growth. And the right offers economic and technological growth with little ethics. I think the left's path is less likely to have us bomb ourselves back to the stone age.


There are informal debates, where the ideas and points that live on are determined by charisma and emotion, And there are formal debates, where the prevailing argument is based off of logic and reason. These logical arguments function in many ways like evolution. The fittest prevails and if both are fit enough fusions cane be made from the two.

Logical arguments are the hotbed of philosophy. To participate in one is admirable.

Everything we do, we do for our own benefit. Even altruism is an implementation of this because, by investing in a community of fellow altruists, you will benefit.

Selfishness and selflessness are two sides of the same coin

However, acting purely out of selfishness and egosticism is not morally defensible, but acting purely out of altruism leads to stagnation and a lack of innovation

The solution is an equal balance of the two, this model can be translated to most things. Most first world nations use it and it proves very succesfull.